Welcome to the Cool Farm Alliance new members in May 2023

The Cool Farm Alliance is excited to welcome and introduce our newest members who joined our community in May.

Together, we hope to achieve our goal to foster informed on-farm decisions that minimise agriculture’s environmental impact around the world. Take a closer look at our May 2023 members and discover their aspirations and strategies for contributing to the Cool Farm Alliance. Let’s embark on this journey together and make a positive impact on our planet!

Biospheres based in France

Biospheres is a leader in the regenerative agriculture transition, which promotes respectful practices of the soils and ecosystems functioning. Biospheres’ activities cover sectors such as viticulture; arboriculture; perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants; market gardening; field crops and livestock farming. Our team operate in more than 12 countries for every chain stakeholder: farmers, cooperatives, agri-food industries, textile, and cosmetics sectors.

We manage the regenerative programme, and training and provide technical support for farmers and companies through their transition to regenerative agriculture. Our goal is to measure the carbon reduction in our regenerative agriculture programme.

Comercial Greenvic S.A. based in the US

Comercial Greenvic S.A. is a company dedicated to the commercialisation and export of fresh fruit. It has four packaging sites with an approximate number of 1500 workers among all its sites.

In our objective of maintaining continuous improvement during our production process, we would like to integrate the Cool Farm Tool to measure the emissions of the main pollutants. With this identification, it is possible to take measures to minimise the emissions of polluting particles.

Doktar based in Turkey

Doktar, established in 2012, is a company with 70 employees operating from offices in Wageningen, Istanbul, and Izmir. Doktar aims to digitalise the agriculture and food supply chain using IoT, digital market intelligence, and agronomic information services. Their objectives are to develop technology for data-driven decision-making and execute farmer transformation programs. With extensive R&D capabilities and a strong farmer network, we offer products like weather stations, remote field monitoring, market insights, digital pest tracking, and farm management software. Their goal is to optimise farming practices and contribute to a more efficient and sustainable industry.

Doktar is a digital agriculture company that provides farmers with tools and insights to help them make more informed decisions about their crops.

“We are interested in the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA) because we believe that the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) is a valuable tool that can help farmers reduce their environmental impact and can help us to achieve our goals by providing farmers with the information they need to make more sustainable choices.”

Materra based in London

Materra is transforming fibres into a force for systemic environmental and social change, starting with cotton. We are a technology company designing planet-positive solutions to enable the growing and sourcing of climate-resilient cotton. Their work focuses on developing and implementing best-in-class farming methods, ranging from regenerative practices for the mass cotton market to hyper-efficient greenhouse systems for more premium fibre. In the process, we reduce resource usage, restore biodiversity, and raise farmers’ livelihoods. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to a net-positive fashion industry in harmony with people and the planet.

They want to integrate the Cool Farm Tool into their sustainability strategy to achieve the following:

  • Quantify and optimise environmental impacts: The Cool Farm Tool enables us to measure environmental impacts accurately, identify areas for improvement, and optimise our farming practices to minimise our ecological footprint.
  • Drive positive change in the cotton industry: Through active participation and collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to promote sustainable cotton farming practices, share experiences, and advocate for regenerative and smallholder farming, inspiring positive change across the industry.
  • Support the transition to future-proof cotton farming: Our ambition is to transition towards resilient, sustainable, and economically viable cotton farming practices. By leveraging the Cool Farm Tool and the knowledge shared within the Cool Farm Alliance, we can continuously improve operations, adopt innovative technologies, and implement regenerative farming practices for long-term sustainability.

Find out more about becoming a member of the Cool Farm Alliance here or get in touch with our team.

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