About the Alliance

Accelerating sustainable solutions that address the world's greatest challenges.

The Cool Farm Alliance is a science-led, not-for profit community interest company that
brings together the agriculture supply-chain network on a global scale. It occupies the space where three nodes converge: Agriculture, Commerce, and Knowledge. The Cool Farm Alliance growing membership includes many of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, NGOs, academic institutions, farmer groups and agronomists. Cool Farm Alliance members share the need for a respected, consistent, standardised, independent calculation engine and have joined the Alliance to ensure the Cool Farm Tool meets this need, now and in the future. Building connections, as well as leveraging and sharing knowledge, is key to this platform.


A global food and agriculture system that builds soil carbon, mitigates climate change and allows for the restoration of ecological balance.


To provide a pre-competitive community of collaboration that accelerates the transition to regenerative and sustainable agriculture by sharing globally aligned, credible and science-driven metrics tools and resources for creating impact.

Our Story

In the autumn of 2008, the multinational consumer goods company Unilever was looking for practical advice on how it could help farmers in its global supply chains reduce their impact on the climate.

They turned to Prof. Pete Smith, professor of soils and global change at University of Aberdeen and coordinating lead author of IPCC’s 2007 assessment report, with one question: Would it be possible to take the global picture of opportunities for climate change mitigation, and translate it into a tool that creates assessments for an individual field, specific to every farmers’ situation?

They combined a simple greenhouse gas calculator Unilever had built with Aberdeen’s research and the Cool Farm Tool was born.

Since then the scope of the Cool Farm Tool has grown along with membership in the Alliance. We now span the globe with diverse supply-chains and companies using the Cool Farm Tool as a decision support tool for farmers and for reporting supply chain emissions and impacts.

Members & Partners

Get to know the pre-competitive community who collaboratively shape our Tool and the Alliance

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