Migration of Cool Farm Tool application onto AWS Cloud

In our ongoing commitment to better serve our members and farmers, we are happy to announce the successful migration of the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) application onto AWS Cloud.

This strategic upgrade enhances the scalability, security, and resilience of the service, aligning its technical management on a common architecture alongside Cool Farm Platform. This move not only improves the efficiency of our Secretariat but also enriches our skill sets.

To ensure a seamless transition, we have partnered with the highly skilled Data Language team for third-line technical support. They will actively maintain the mission-critical CFT service as we continue to develop the Cool Farm Platform, integrating the necessary methods and calculations for future advancements.

Project Timeline and Milestones

Late 2023 – Technical Support Opportunity 

At the end of 2023, Cool Farm committed to increase system security and stability while reducing technical support costs by moving the Cool Farm Tool to AWS Cloud, further contributing to a sound future for the product by consolidating our investment in skills and expertise on a common technical architecture for both Cool Farm Tool and Cool Farm Platform. This decision was taken with considerable gratitude to Anthesis, the long-time friend, ally and member of the Cool Farm Alliance who had been the technical support and development partner for the tool for many years.  

Early 2024 – Request for Proposal  

At the start of 2024, we ran a project to seek out the best firm to deliver this change. After a rigorous selection process, we were delighted to discover Data Language, who are an ideal match with their ample technical skills across range and depth to meet the complex needs of the transition effort itself and deliver on the future support model for the tool. 

Spring Transition to AWS Cloud 

Through the spring, Cool Farm, Anthesis, and Data Language collaborated on the Technical Support Transition project. Cool Farm handled project management and testing; Anthesis held the support ship steady and ran effective knowledge transfer while Data Language rolled their sleeves up and built the new Cool Farm Tool technical estate on AWS Cloud. With the active support of Cool Farm Alliance members giving invaluable support through transition testing, together we achieved full transition of all primary and secondary Cool Farm Tool environments to AWS Cloud by 29 May.  

Post Transition Summer Settling 

Since the end of May, the Cool Farm Tool is fully supported by Data Language on AWS. There have been several teething issues as the system settles into its new housing, which we are closely monitoring and fine-tuning system configuration for optimum service. We are excited about the expansion of skills and knowledge in the Secretariate as discover more about the technical capabilities of the AWS Cloud landscape and look forward to future projects delivering more service and capability to our members and farmers.  

Looking Ahead

This migration marks a significant milestone in our journey to enhance the Cool Farm Tool’s functionality and reliability. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement as we navigate these exciting changes.

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