Almonds Added to the Cool Farm Platform

We’re thrilled to announce a significant update to the Cool Farm Platform (CFP) that will directly benefit our members and users: almonds are now officially part of the platform!

This addition was made possible through the generous support of Blue Diamond Growers and marks a pivotal moment for Cool Farm. 

Why It Matters 

The addition of almonds to the Cool Farm Platform is not just about expanding crop types; it represents a leap forward in our ability to quantify carbon footprints accurately. This milestone was made possible through the generous support of Blue Diamond Growers, who sponsored the development of both the new perennial crop pathway and the specific almond typology on the CFP. Thank you to the awesome BDG team! Their dedication to advancing carbon quantification and collaborative efforts deserves our gratitude. 

” Blue Diamond thanks the Cool Farm Alliance and its partners for developing an almond typology and broader perennial crop approach in the Cool Farm Tool. Specialty and perennial crops are historically underrepresented in both agronomic research and carbon accounting approaches. This effort helps to bridge that gap. Almond farmers and related supply chain partners like our cooperative will have a cost-effective tool to explore their climate impact of on-farm activities. We hope it will aid further innovation and positive impact in almonds and related industries.” 

Erik Stanek Sr. Sustainability Specialist at Blue Diamond Growers

A Step Forward in Carbon Quantification  

This release is particularly exciting because it introduces the first standalone addition of a new crop type to the perennials pathway on the Cool Farm Platform. Previously designed for two coffee, two cocoa types, one apple, and one citrus crop. This is proof that new crop types can be ‘plugged in’ to the modern software architecture employed by the Cool Farm Platform with little effort and no disruption.  

Features and Impact 

Now, all Cool Farm members and users can run assessments specific to almond crops on the new Cool Farm Platform. This capability enables almond growers to measure their carbon footprints accurately and will open the door to saving and additional payments, as well as provide useful advice on more regenerative farming practices.  

Give it a go and let us know what you think! 

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