Welcome to our new Cool Farm Alliance members in May and June 2022

The Cool Farm is excited to welcome its newest members that joined in May and June 2022. Get to know the organisations and their plans and ambitions for the Alliance.

Climate Farmers

Climate Farmers is building essential infrastructure for policy and industry to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe systemically. The organisation develops Carbon+ Credits, high-quality carbon credits from agriculture that serve as a transition finance tool for farmers on the journey of shifting their farming systems towards regeneration. At the same time, Climate Farmers uses data-supported methods to help interested farmers to transition their farms towards regenerative agriculture and optimise their management. Through the development of digital tools, Climate Farmers analyses soil use and soil conditions on individual farm sites in Europe. A monitoring system determines the benefits of regenerative agriculture that go beyond carbon capture and include biodiversity, water retention & quality and circulation of nutrients.

Climate Farmers has almost completely shifted their services to the cloud – something crucial for regenerative agriculture pioneers who are scattered all over Europe and may not receive support in their local environment or have the possibility to travel for conferences and workshops. Climate Farmers offers teaching opportunities, expert guidance and the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas with farmers in similar contexts online.

Collaborating with the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA) will help Climate Farmers to achieve their mission by raising awareness of regenerative agriculture in Europe & the impact farmers have on ecosystems. Free access for land stewards to the Cool Farm Tool will help support, promote & bolster decision-making processes. The organisation will use the biodiversity tool developed by CFA as part of their Carbon+ certification program. Results provided by the tool will be used to monitor and track biodiversity insights on farm scale.


CottonConnect is a pioneering social enterprise that is reimagining the future for supply chains. With headquarters in London and on-the-ground teams around the world, we help to improve the sustainability of global textile supply chains, thereby enabling producers and raw material farmers to work more responsibly and enjoy better livelihoods. Our work helps brands to access more sustainable cotton and other natural fibres, creating a more transparent and resilient supply chain that will continue to deliver the best cotton, now and in the future. At CottonConnect, we believe in helping brands, suppliers and farmers develop and maintain partnerships that are truly transformational.

Prabeen Kumar Singh, Senior Commercial Manager-Global Programmes at CottonConnect says “Using the Cool Farm Tool will help us to measure the impact of sustainable agriculture practices in our programmes on greenhouse gas emissions, water use and biodiversity. This will help us to assess and improve our sustainable agriculture practises and guidance for farmers, as well as provide insights to our global brand partners as we work together to build sustainable textile supply chains.”

Ebro Foods

Each company within the Ebro Foods group is tasked with reducing its environmental footprint by improving its environmental, sustainable, and corporate governance (ESG) performance.  Today Ebro Foods joins the Cool Farm Alliance to measure the progress of an initiative by Tilda® and Ebro India to help basmati farmers conserve water and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by implementing alternate wet drying (AWD).  We look forward to learning how we can improve and to sharing knowledge that contributes to reducing GHG and conserves water in rice paddy fields.

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water is one of the largest ten regulated water and wastewater utility businesses in England and Wales. Every day we supply nearly 8 million people with 1.8 billion litres of clean water. We also treat 2.5 billion litres of wastewater every day. Our large-scale operation and commitments rely heavily on the natural water environment. Watercourses along with the landscape they sit in are therefore valuable assets we need to conserve. As such, we are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environment, improving river and groundwater water quality, and have set ambitious targets to be operationally net zero by 2030. We plan to use the Cool Farm Tool to help us meet our net zero commitments by managing our own estate in a more sustainable way as well as supporting others.

Varaha Climate

Varaha Climate works with smallholder farmers to encourage regenerative farming practices. Incentivising them for GHG reduction via regenerative farming would help in rapidly scaling such practices and methodologies at scale. Thus, Varaha Climate intends to measure their GHG footprint to catalyse carbon finance for smallholder farmers in India. “The Cool Farm Tool (CFT) will allow us to get estimates about the potential to reduce or sequester carbon” , says Varaha’s Director Ankita Garg. “Also, becoming part of the Cool Farm Alliance and connecting with other members will be helpful in cross-pollination of ideas and understanding sustainable strategies that have worked well in other contexts

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