MyEasyFarm connects its platform to Cool Farm Tool 

MyEasyFarm announces the connection of its platform to Cool Farm Tool, the CO₂ emissions calculator of the Cool Farm Alliance.

Bezannes (France), 14th of May 2024

MyEasyFarm, pioneer in Regenerative and Low Carbon Agriculture, announced the connection of its platform to Cool Farm Tool at the Cool Farm Annual Event 2024 in Amsterdam on the 23rd and 24th of April. 

The Cool Farm Alliance is a not-for-profit membership organisation of over 160 members and partners, including the world’s largest agri-food companies, NGOs, academic institutions, farmers’ groups and agronomists.  

The Cool Farm Alliance owns, manages and improves the Cool Farm Tool. Initially developed by the University of Aberdeen and funded by Unilever, the Cool Farm Tool is a an on-farm greenhouse gas calculator used by most of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to reveal changes that farmers can make to reduce emissions an sequester carbon with co-benefits for soil quality, water, biodiversity and farm economics. 

MyEasyFarm has been part of the Cool Farm Alliance since 2021, and has participated in many exchanges with other members at the association’s annual meetings, which has reinforced the startup’s decision to connect its platform with Cool Farm Tool.  In concrete terms, Cool Farm Tool is used as an embedded calculator in the MyEasyFarm platform, thanks to its connection by APIs, and enables the calculation of a farm’s carbon indicators based on data entered by the farmer. These indicators are then aggregated at cooperative or agro-industrial level, to track Scope 3 CO₂ emissions reductions or the achievement of Regenerative Agriculture specifications.

“The Cool Farm Tool connection provides our customers in the agricultural supply chain a complementary calculator for reducing CO₂ emissions, like other calculators : AgroTransfert’s SIMEOS AMG or CESBIO’s SAFYE CO2, to which our platform is already connected. This connection is part of our open platform strategy, with more than 20 connections to external sources of data or calculators.” emphasizes François Thierart, CEO and co-founder of MyEasyFarm. “The Cool Farm Tool connection has already enabled us to respond to several Regenerative Agriculture projects from European Agro Industrials.”

Download the Press Release here.

More information on MyEasyFarm :

As a digital platform editor, MyEasyFarm specializes in Regenerative Agriculture and Precision Agriculture. MyEasyFarm supports stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain, from farmers to agri-food groups, in their agroecological transition through its data collection, calculation, and reporting platform, promoting Regenerative and decarbonized Agriculture.

Its mission is to guide the agricultural world in its agroecological transition through two advanced digital solutions: MyEasyFarm and MyEasyCarbon.

Expert in data exchange with agricultural equipment, MyEasyFarm makes it easy to practice Precision Agriculture. Designed for farmers and agricultural contractors, the platform collects, manages, transfers and analyzes agricultural data from many sources (fields, satellites, drones, agricultural machinery, weather, IoT sensors) to reduce the use of inputs and improve crop management.  The MyEasyFarm platform has prestigious clients such as KUBOTA, LIMAGRAIN, VIVESCIA, SYNGENTA and equips more than 1200 farmers in France and Western Europe.

MyEasyCarbon encompasses a range of solutions that support farmers, project leaders, agricultural advisors, and agrifood companies towards regenerative and more sustainable agriculture (sector premiums, Carbon Farming, Scope 3, etc.). The first application certified by Bureau Veritas with the Low Carbon Label, MyEasyCarbon is an application for the food industry (farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses) to measure and reduce CO₂ emissions/soil carbon storage in agriculture and generate additional revenues in the form of reliable carbon credits.

MyEasyFarm is based at VillagebyCA Reims and has offices in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Brazil. The MyEasyFarm team is made up of 25 people from engineering schools in Agriculture/Agronomy and Computer Science. MyEasyFarm is part of many associations in the AgTech field (La Ferme Digitale, Agronov, Pôle de compétitivité Agro Sud-Ouest innovations, la chaire AgroTIC, Terrasolis, 4pour1000, …) MyEasyFarm is supported by BPI, Business France and the Grand -Est region and is accelerated by Scal’Enov and HECTAR.

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More information on Cool Farm :

The Cool Farm Alliance is a science-led, not-for-profit membership organisation (community interest company) that owns, manages, and improves the Cool Farm Tool and cultivates the leadership network to advance regenerative agriculture at scale.

The purpose of the Cool Farm Alliance is to put knowledge in the hands of farmers and empower the full supply chain to support agro-ecological restoration by providing a respected, standardised calculation engine to measure and report on agriculture’s impact on the environment. The Cool Farm Tool has established widely endorsed, science-based metrics for water, climate, and biodiversity.

The Cool Farm Tool engages and empowers users through quantification and modelling “what-if” scenarios. The Cool Farm Tool is simple to use yet scientifically robust in the complex arena of carbon accounting, characterised by:

It is farmer focussed, reflecting common farm management practices, and requiring only input data a farm manager would typically have easily to hand.

The use of robust, deterministic site sensitive, peer reviewed models and methods to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration and other environmental impacts of agricultural activities.

Uncovering in a practical and pragmatic way, practices and actions which are associated with positive (and negative) environmental performance. By utilising the tool to support Scope 3 greenhouse gas calculations, companies can track greenhouse gas emissions across their agricultural supply chain.

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Contact for MyEasyFarm Communications:

Chief Marketing Officer MyEasyFarm
T: +33
E: rromagnan@myeasyfarm.com

Contact for Cool Farm Communications:

Kandia Appadoo
Communications Manager
E: kandia@coolfarmtool.org

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