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The Cool Farm Alliance is a pre-competitive community of collaboration with the mission to accelerate the transition to regenerative and sustainable agriculture by providing globally aligned, credible and science-based metrics, tools and resources that create impact. The Cool Farm Alliance owns, manages and improves the Cool Farm Tool; a simple to use, yet scientifically robust carbon accounting tool. The well-established and highly respected Cool Farm Tool is used by tens of thousands of users in 150 countries supplying global markets.

Why use the Cool Farm Tool?

A decision support tool to help you on farm and for supply chain reporting


Run “what-if” scenarios to identify mitigation opportunities.

Develop action plans to build soil carbon.

Communicate benefits of regenerative practices.

Tell your story – provide evidence of good practice and change over time.


Demonstrate impact by developing cutting edge methodologies used by farmers around the world.

Translate research & data into an easy-to-use tool to build knowledge and insight.

Cool Farm methods are based on latest available peer-reviewed science & IPCC methods.


Report and monitor supply chain GHG emissions and removals. 

Quantify biodiversity impact.

Create tailored engagement strategies.

Encourage continuous improvement & reward positive impacts.

Obtain data to support your GHG reduction targets and claims.



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