Low Carbon Agri Show: Cool Farm’s Insights and Engagement

The Cool Farm team recently participated in the Low Carbon Agriculture Show (LCAS), marking our second consecutive year as exhibitors.

The goal was to foster connections with peers, existing Cool Farm Alliance members, and potential partners. Here’s are six key takeaways and insights from the event:  

  1. Engagement with Farmers: The team engaged in meaningful conversations with local farmers on the first day of the event. These discussions centered on integrating regenerative and low carbon farming practices into existing agricultural businesses. The Cool Farm Tool was highlighted as a valuable resource for understanding environmental impacts and exploring reduction options. 
  2. Focus on Renewable and Regenerative Energy: LCAS this year exhibited a noticeable emphasis on renewable and regenerative energy sources. This focus aimed to assist farmers in diversifying their revenue streams, reflecting the industry’s evolving priorities towards sustainability. 
  3. Interest in Greenhouse Gas Assessment: Visitors demonstrated a keen interest in carbon accounting, indicating a growing awareness of and concern about carbon emissions within the agricultural sector.  
  4. Collaborations and In-depth Discussions: Day two provided opportunities for the Cool Farm team to engage in discussions with potential collaborators and academics. Topics ranged from methane monitoring to soil organic carbon measurements and modelling, reflecting the complexity and breadth of issues within the field of sustainable agriculture. 
  5. Carbon Calculators and Support from DEFRA: Conversations with DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK) representatives highlighted farmers complexity of carbon calculators and the importance of supporting framers in understand and implementing them effectively. 
  6. Wish for More Farmer Representation: While the team would have like to see more farmers and food supply chain representatives at the event, they found the experience fruitful in terms of collaboration and peer learning.  

Overall, the Cool Farm team had a successful outing at the Low Carbon Agriculture Show, engaging with stakeholders and contributing to the conversation around low carbon farming practices and carbon accounting. 

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