Koltiva joins Cool Farm Alliance to boost regenerative and climate-smart farm practices

Koltiva, an Indonesia-based tech start-up focused on agriculture supply chains, joined the Cool Farm Alliance to boost regenerative and climate-smart farm practices for its customer base. 

Koltiva and its users will be able to use the Cool Farm Tool to help design more regenerative and climate-smart farm practices that can be Integrated Into training, coaching, and support programs. 

Most rural farmers have no stable Internet connection, low to no English skills, and few with access to smartphones and laptops. Through Koltiva’s FarmXtension mobile app, Koltiva enables data collection with farmers on performance Indicators (agronomic, economic, environmental, social) and connect a large farmer population that is otherwise invisible, untraceable, disengaged, and unsupported. 

Koltiva wants to support the farming sector in identifying the most significant emission reduction opportunities to Increase farmer livelihoods & environmental stewardship.  The synergy of Koltiva and Cool Farm Tool can also be used to track the performance of such programs against the previously established baseline for remote smallholder farmers. This allows for adaptive management, learning, scale-up, and replicating of such programs across multiple countries and crops.  

Koltiva joined the Cool Farm Alliance to learn and contribute to the design and scale-up of regenerative and climate-smart agriculture.  Florian Reimer, Chief Climate Officer says: We believe that sustainability is not a perfect end state but a never-ending journey for Improvement. We believe Cool Farm Alliance and its members are the ideal travel companions on this road.” 

 For more information about joining the Cool Farm Alliance, please get in touch here

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