Welcome to our new Cool Farm Alliance members in March and April 2022

At the Cool Farm Alliance, we are proud to welcome new members to our community that aims at driving more informed on-farm decisions that reduce the environmental impact of agriculture around the globe. Learn more about our new members that joined in March and April 2022 and their plans and ambitions for the Alliance.

Agri I.O.T

Agri I.O.T has developed an on-line digital analysis tool (Croptune) for farmers that enables fine tuning of nitrogen fertilisation and hence a significant reduction (~30%) in N use. Croptune combines image analysis big data & cloud computing, to recognise nutritional deficiencies in real time and to generate tailored nutritional recommendations. A simple picture, taken with your cellphone offers a unique view of your crop’s nutritional status. Croptune helps you set fertilisation operations according to the actual status of your crops and saves you costly and time-consuming laboratory analysis.  An important gain of this is the reduction of CO2 at production, and more, at less N2O emissions in the field. By joining the Cool Farm Alliance, we will be able to better drive our farmers to use the Cool Farm Tool and by that realise the gains that Croptune can bring in combatting CO2e emissions.

Bidegaray & Asociados

Bidegaray & Asociados is a specialised company working in the fields of sustainability, clean technologies, energy efficiency and innovation. The Cool Farm Tool will help us to set goals, plans, monitoring progress and contributions towards net-zero emissions in agricultural production.

Egyptian Biodynamic Association

The founding member Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish established the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (also Demeter Egypt) in 1994. The EBDA is an independent non-governmental organisation that supports farmers in Egypt to shift from conventional practices to sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agriculture. Over the past 27 years, the EBDA is continuously guiding more than 500 farmers from around all governorates in Egypt towards organic and biodynamic agriculture. The EBDA was able to increase the living standard of its member farmers through biodynamic production method and well-coordinated market access of organically produced raw materials. Recently, the association reached out to a large number of conventional farmers, aiming to convert them to organic and biodynamic farming. During the past three years, the EBDA also developed its own sustainability standard that goes beyond Demeter requirements and includes social, cultural and economical dimensions. Mandatory to be included to this new “Economy of Love” certification is a carbon assessment of each farm, for each crop and for each single product. The result of this assessment will be transparently communicated to consumers. The EBDA is calculating this carbon footprint with the support of the Cool Farm Tool.

Grupo Fertiberia

Grupo Fertiberia is one of the main producers of fertilisers and ammonia and derivatives. With Fertiberia as the parent company, the Group, present in several sectors, has been a permanent reference for Spanish agriculture, today one of the most advanced in the world. The search for a more sustainable economy is a revolution that is already underway and in Grupo Fertiberia we experience this process as a great opportunity to grow in the long term, provide more value to our customers and generate a positive impact on our environment. The use of the Cool Farm Tool will allow us to better understand the impact of decisions on the use of our products, to find the most sustainable solutions and make users aware of the need for sustainable management.

First Climate (Switzerland) AG

First Climate (Switzerland) AG is a globally leading provider of carbon and energy consulting, green investments expertise and climate neutral & water services. We are guided by our objective to assist businesses and investors in reducing their impact on our global climate. With its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland, First Climate two decades of experience in low carbon development, emissions trading, and green investments. Its services range from project development over green funds management to customised consulting services for governmental bodies, financial institutions, and large corporations. First Climate (Switzerland) AG thereby focuses mainly on project development of natural, agricultural, and technical climate solutions as well as compliance and corporate climate consulting and currently employs 25 experts. The Cool Farm Tool has been set the method of choice for emission reduction projects in the agricultural sector. First Climate (Switzerland) AG is interested not only in its use but also the further development of the Cool Farm Tool in cooperation with other members of the Cool Farm Alliance.

Regen Digital Pty Ltd

Regen Digital helps farmers better understand and manage their environmental impacts and ultimately capture the value created by them. It is a tool that enables landholders to create a digital twin of their farm that they own and control. They can then use this twin to test different strategies, and to assist in the delivery of value through green provenance, environmental markets and productivity gains. We would like to make the Cool Farm Tool available to all of our members, and for it to become a key mechanism for them to model their carbon emission balance. We believe that the simplicity of the Cool Farm Tool approach could be very useful in helping farmers understand their carbon balance. Additionally, if we are able to leverage the digital twin as source of verifiable and credible data, we would like to explore enabling certification of net-zero for farmers.


At Volcafe, we work across the entire green coffee supply chain to provide value through partnership and make coffee business better, together. Founded in 1851, Volcafe is one of the world’s largest traders of arabica and robusta, spanning 15 coffee origin countries and 10 destination countries offices. We source directly from farmers, operate mills and warehouses, and offer an inventory ranging from single-origin micro-lots to mainstream commercial grades.

Of our 1800+ global employees, more than 250 team members are farmer support staff, active in the field offering advice through trainings, model farms, and other initiatives aligned with our sustainability strategy. As part of our commitment to sustainability and the future of the coffee sector, Volcafe recognises the need for carbon action. Membership in the Cool Farm Alliance enhances our efforts to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of our value chains, while improving transparency around our drive toward net zero.

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