Thought Leadership Webinar on discovering the Future of Dairy Farming: Chasing Net-Zero Success 

We are excited to announce that our first Thought Leadership Webinar is a few days away.

Join us in exploring a future of net zero success in dairy farming. Remember, the future commences right here, right now.

Globally, the livestock sector is a significant contributor to human nutrition, encouraging extensive trade among different countries, and delivering economic growth. However, the entire livestock supply chain from production to consumption has a relatively large carbon footprint that represents 14.5% of human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Dairy cattle in particular due to methane emissions (a GHG that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide on a 100-year timescale) are a significant contributor to the dairy industry’s carbon footprint and environmental implications. Thus, there is an urgent need for the dairy industry to move towards environmental sustainability and meet its net zero emissions goal by 2050. 

This need and urgency in chasing net-zero solutions for dairy farming is the rationale behind our thought leadership webinar on the future of dairy farming. The Cool Farm Alliance has a diverse membership including leading dairy companies that have a collective technical know-how of best practices in dairy operations. We invited three of our members, Bel, Nestlé, and Straus Family Creamery – to engage in a dynamic discussion about the future of dairy farming. They will share practical insights drawn from their experiences in sustainable dairy operations and present actionable strategies to curtail the sector’s carbon footprint.  

This webinar, facilitated by Daniella Malin, Cool Farm Alliance’s Head of Impact and Collaboration aims to: 

  • Inspire the dairy community by sharing good ideas and good practices from around the world to motivate them to strive to achieve net zero emissions. 
  • Challenge the dairy community to identify barriers and opportunities to reach net zero emissions which will help them to build the community, energy, initiatives, motivation, and networks needed to usher in a positive future. 

Joseph Button, the Vice President of Sustainability and Strategic Impact at Straus Family Creamery, eagerly anticipates the opportunity to: 

“Share how innovative dairy farming methods have the dual benefit of mitigating climate change and improving the economic viability of farmers.” 

Brechtje de Schipper, Corporate Milk Expert at Bel, plans to: 

“Emphasise why we need to act now for net zero success in dairy farming. And share Bel’s practical experiences on the field to motivate other dairy actors to work together for the transformation necessary for a sustainable future of dairy farming” 

Othman Alqaisi Shawabkeh, the Senior R&D Animal Science Specialist at Nestlé, is enthusiastic about: 

“Describing interventions to reduce carbon footprint from milk production and presenting Nestlé‘s net-zero roadmap towards better future dairy.” 

Webinar date: Tuesday, 5th September 2023 

Time: 15.00 – 16.30 BST

Register here

Mark your calendars and join us for the webinar as we navigate how a net zero future of dairy farming can be achieved in a changing climate. 

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