Virtual CFA Annual Meeting 2020 – live on YouTube

Kicking off the Decade of Action

This year, the CFA annual meeting will be a historic opportunity to channel this momentum into a concerted collective project to turn global agricultural GHG emissions negative, maximize carbon sequestration and protect biodiversity and ecosystem services through sustainable agricultural practices. Success will take dedication and commitment from everyone. Let’s act together!


11:55 – CFA Vision, purpose & overview (Daniella Malin)
23:16 – Regenerative agriculture (Jake Freestone)
46:00 – Demo of the Cool Farm Tool (Richard Burkinshaw)
1:09:30 – CoopCoffees (Monika Firl)
1:20:30 – Nestlé (Urs Walter Schenker)
1:30:08 – Avebe (Peter-Erik Ywema)
1:38:00 – Viresco (Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Jon Alcock)
1:51:43 – Soil Capital (Andrew Voysey)
2:04:30 – Food, foresight and the future of farming (Dave Hughes, Syngenta)
2:27:20 – Q&A

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