Recording Cool Farm Alliance Annual Meeting 2022

On 19th of May 2022, we welcomed up to 215 participants at our virtual Cool Farm Alliance Annual Meeting in May 2022.

Members, partners and external audiences attended the event designed to highlight the importance of community, scalable approaches, and biodiversity for the transition to regenerative, climate-smart agriculture. We are delighted to share the recording of the annual meeting and hope to inspire actions beyond the event.


We learned about

  • Cargills’ efforts in Turkey to engage farmers towards regenerative practices through active support and advise, and to use the Cool Farm Tool for decision-making, monitoring and verification.
  • Wageningen University presented the strategy and structure of the newly started “ClieNFarms Initiative”, which aims at scaling up climate-neutral farming, while Danone – part of this initiative – gave an insight on how the Cool Farm Tool and collaboration with other stakeholders have been key to drive emission reduction strategies in their supply chain.
  • Heineken reported on the great early results of its low carbon farming programme, which was rolled out for barley and maize on a multinational level based on Cool Farm Tool calculations.
  • Dr. Eduardo Arellano Ogaz gave a first-hand account on how his project team implemented the Cool Farm Biodiversity Module and best practices for biodiversity with farmers in Chile.
  • An opinionated panel discussion on the key success factors of regenerative agriculture was able to engage the audience and examine different points of view on the opportunities and risks of this change for the industry and growers.

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