Cool Farm presents at the In-Depth Learning Series by Open Team

Cool Farm Alliance’s Daniella Malin (Deputy General Manager) and David McMahon (Product Manager) talk about all the aspects of the Cool Farm Tool during an In-Depth Learning Series webinar hosted by OpenTEAM

OpenTEAM is a farmer-driven community advancing agriculture’s ability to become a solution to climate change through a more sustainable agricultural technology ecosystem. It also serves as a platform for dialogue. OpenTeam has established a highly informative and diverse set of webinars, the so-called “In-Depth Learning Series” that aims to build a knowledge base of its community in a way that it fosters coherence and collaboration. The series provides more in-depth information about organisations and companies within and outside of OpenTEAM that are working on topics around technology and regenerative agriculture, and tries to ask better questions and to build better tools through sharing each organisation’s work. In this pre-competitive space, OpenTEAM brings together a diverse group of public and private stakeholders and partners to address common barriers, achieve better outcomes, new collaborations and technology approaches, and accelerate innovation by strengthening the community and sharing across boundaries.

In a recent In-Depth Learning session in April 2022, Cool Farm Alliance’s Daniella Malin (Deputy General Manager) and David McMahon (Product Manager) talked about all the aspects of the Cool Farm Tool, its recent developments, and hopes for the future. Hear about their presentation on the Cool Farm Tool that allows land stewards to quantify their on-farm sustainability and use the tool to gain insight into how their agronomic decisions can help mitigate climate change.

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