Who owns the data in the Cool Farm Tool and how is it used?

User data is held privately within each user account, and is not accessible to other users. Users are the owner of their data, but have an option to share assessments in the system using a members-only “share code”. The Cool Farm Alliance doesn’t own assessment data nor any personal data. These are only used to provide our service and for support activities. 

The Cool Farm Tool Privacy Policy  permits the Cool Farm Alliance to use information and statistics on usage of the tool anonymously. At this stage, the Cool Farm Alliance has not used any data stored in the tool, but has developed a data ethics framework with specialists which enables data driven insights to better inform CFT users while protecting and respecting their rights. Examples for future data insights could be: understanding of distribution of crop production; benchmarking GHG performance or fertiliser applications. These anonymous data insights would be owned by the Cool Farm Alliance, which is also the case for some meta data within the tool such as user statistics. 

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