Measurements that count: Cool Farm Impact Report 2023

This report shines the light on the positive steps and progress of Cool Farm Alliance members. Its purpose is to build momentum and enable stakeholders to build on the each other’s efforts. 

The Cool Farm Impact Report is here!

Discover the impact

  • Take a look at how the Cool Farm Tool is being used around the world, by whom and the impact it's having.
  • Collecting these impact stories has only just begun and the collection is already rich.
  • You will find 14 impact stories that span the globe, with specific examples from 13 countries and six cases that span more than five countries.
  • The crops represented include: cotton, coffee, dairy, sugar, wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, barley and more!

Join the movement

Throughout its decade-plus journey, the Cool Farm Alliance has dedicated resources to the calculation engine itself, not to sustainable agriculture projects that directly reduce emissions. “Project work” or Cool Farm Tool “implementation” or “deployment” has been left to the members. To support these projects, the Cool Farm Alliance has worked to ensure that any project using the Cool Farm Tool has access to the best possible calculator – one that balances ease of use and accessibility with accuracy and precision. The Cool Farm Alliance has also worked to build the community of users and supporters so that the industry can speak a common language for sustainable agriculture quantification. Consequently, the Cool Farm Alliance rarely has first-hand access to the on-ground changes enabled and informed by the use of the Cool Farm Tool.

For this and other reasons, there is no way to know the full impact of the tool. The Cool Farm Tool has always held to the principle of being free to farmers and it is available online for all to use without obligation to report back. Nevertheless, this report provides some insight into how the tool and the projects designed with it — and in some cases because of it — have impacted people and the planet.

This is an initial collection, a “harvest”, of project and impact descriptions, and one that the Cool Farm Alliance knows barely scratches the surface. This report’s publication should make it easier to collect more impact stories – from both work already in motion not yet captured here and from work to come – so practitioners can generate a more coordinated and effective portfolio of activities. As these impact stories grow in number, breadth, and depth, the Cool Farm Alliance community will be building the movement and momentum for impact at scale.

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