Which IPCC Tiers does the Cool Farm Tool incorporate? Do you consider Global Warming Potential from the IPCC Assessment Report 4, 5 or 6?

After our update to CFT 1.0 in February 2022, we are using the Global Warming Potentials for methane and nitrous oxide from the IPCC Assessment Report 6.

The CFT crop and cattle pathways are aligned with IPCC 2019, and the cattle pathways are aligned to IDF 2022 recommendations. We use a variety of tier 1 and 2 methods, For example, Soil Organic Carbon follows IPCC 2019 tier 1 guidelines and is a refined tier 1 model. The calculation of N2O emissions associated with applications of fertilisers follow Tier 1 method from IPCC 2019, using disaggregated factors. Indirect emissions use a combination of Tier 1 and 2 calculations. For further detail please refer to our Technical Description within the tool.

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