How does the Cool Farm Alliance store user data, and does that differ for inputs via the WebApp and via API?

The Cool Farm Tool currently stores user data to manage user accounts, as well as farm assessment data entered into the tool in order to calculate assessments. We currently do not store assessment results, these are dynamically calculated and presented when a user accesses an assessment. This also applies for the API when only used for calculating results. However, in case the API is used to push data into the tool, the data will be stored as assessments.

The data within the Cool Farm Tool is currently stored on OVH data servers in London (UK), and is managed in compliance with the following standards:

  1. ISO 27001: 2005 for supplying and operating dedicated cloud infrastructure.
  2. ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 for security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes.

Please find further information at

In the future, we hope to store results to improve user experience within the CFT, including benchmarks and improved scaling for the tool.

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